Welcome to Honda of Chattanooga! We are located in Chattanooga, TN. We have been a family owned Honda dealer here in southern Tennessee for Over 50 Years! Our doors opened up as a Honda PowerSports Dealer in 1962. We have launched our online store to further extend our inventory to our customers in the Chattanooga, Nashville, Knoxville, Atlanta, North Georgia, Alabama, Kentucky and all over the southern United States. We invite you to browse through our online warehouse to find the Honda you're looking for. Looking for a great deal? Browse through our inventory of new and Used Motorcycles For Sale, Honda ATVs, Honda UTV Side by Side models, Honda CRF Dirt Bikes, Honda Scooters, Honda Generators, Honda Lawn Mowers, Honda Water Pumps and more. That way you can find the best & lowest wholesale prices and deals in and around the Chattanooga area on your new Honda. We also have accessories for your Honda ATV, motorcycle, dirt bike, scooter, UTV / side x side or street bike. We can put the accessories for your new Honda motorcycle or ATV in on the financing so you don't have to pay any money up front. Don't forget that Honda Genuine Accessories if purchased at the time of your new Honda Motorcycle / ATV will carry the machines warranty, so you'll get an extended warranty on your Honda Genuine Accessories.

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Looking for some Winter Closeout Specials on leftover Honda Motorcycles? We've marked our wholesale prices even lower this winter to blowout certain models, saving you thousands! Check out some of our 1800 Honda 6 Cylinder models that we have heavily discounted like the 2014 Valkyrie / 2015 GoldWing / 2013 & 2014 F6B & Deluxe models. We also have some of the 2014 CTX1300 & Deluxe models that we've priced too low to advertise at this time due to Honda's Minimum Advertised Price policy. If you want a Closeout Special on a Honda CBR Sport Bike out of Honda's lineup, we're moving them out cheap too! Make sure to check out our Special Price on the 2014 CBR500R / CB500F / CB500X as well as the CBR600RR / CBR650F / CBR1000RR models. Whether you want the entry level 500cc sport bike to Honda's famous racing CBR models like the 600cc & 1000cc models, we have you covered with some of the lowest & best prices around.

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Looking for the Best Deal & Lowest Price around on a Honda ATV? We've been your Honda PowerSports / ATV Dealer in Chattanooga TN now for Over 50 Years, let us show you why our customers keep coming back year after year. With the current ATV Bonus Bucks incentives from Honda during our ATV CLEARANCE EVENT, now is the time to buy if you want to buy a new ATV at the lowest prices we've been able to offer when you combine Honda's rebates plus our in-house discounts. Are you wanting to go with a 2x4 or 4x4 Four Wheeler? If you just need 2-wheel drive then you can get by with Honda's famous 250 Recon in both Manual Shift or ES (Electric Shift). The Recon model names are (TRX250TM) & (TRX250TE) for the Recon ES. If you're wanting a 2x4 but want a larger engine than what the 250 offers, you have got the Rancher 420. The 2014 Rancher 420 went through a complete redesign for the 2014 model year with added horsepower, suspension travel, ground clearance, softer seat and the list goes on and on with new changes to make Honda's #1 ATV an even stronger machine. You can get the 2014 Rancher 420 in 2x4 as well with both a Manual Shift & ES (Electric Shift) option. Those models are called (TRX420TM) & (TRX420TE) for the Rancher ES.

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Looking for Honda's bread and butter? Honda's ATV / Four Wheeler model lineup grew ven stronger for the 2014 model year with complete model re-designs on the 2014 Rancher 420 as well as the 2014 Foreman 500. For 2015, the Rubicon 500 received a complete redesign with major changes and upgrades on the 2015 Rubicon vs the 2014 Rubicon 500. On the TRX Rancher models you have many options to choose from, with options like Manual / Foot Shift (TRX420FM1) and also the Rancher ES (TRX420FE1) for those that prefer Electric Shift on their Rancher. If you want Power Steering (EPS) on your Rancher but still prefer the Manual / Foot shift you can get that package as well (TRX420FM2). If you would rather not have to change gears and want an Automatic ATV / Four Wheeler you have plenty of options too. First of the Automatic ATV models will be the 2014 Rancher AT DCT model that has Honda's latest Dual Clutch Transmission that allows you to use the Fully Automatic option or flip a switch and use the ES option which lets you change gear by clicking a button (TRX420FA1). If you like the options that I mentioned previously on the 2014 Rancher AT but would like to have Power Steering (EPS), you can do that as well and it would be the (TRX420FA2) also known as the 2014 Rancher AT DCT / EPS model. Do you want a Honda ATV with IRS? (Independent Rear Suspension. If so, the model for you would be the 2014 Rancher AT with IRS and you get the same options above with the Automatic Transmission with the option of ES to manually change gears and it would be called the (TRX420FA5). Would you like all of the bells and whistles with the Automatic Transmission, IRS, Power Steering (EPS)? If so then the 2014 Rancher AT IRS / EPS model is for you and that is the (TRX420FA6). Want to see all of the latest & greatest Honda ATV / Four Wheeler models for 2015? Make sure to check out our inventory pages with plenty of Reviews / Specs / Pictures & Video on the 2015 Recon 250 / Rancher 420 / Foreman 500 / Rubicon 500 / Rincon 680 models.

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If you're on the hunt for a leftover 2014 Honda Sport ATV to save some money with our Wholesale Prices, I do have a few of those left as well. For those that want an affordable Sport ATV, Honda offers the TRX250X (TRX250XE) that used to be known as the TRX250EX. If you're looking for a step-up from the TRX250X and would like some more power but you don't want a full out "Race" model, we have the 2014 TRX400X (TRX400XE) that has been known for many years as the indestructible TRX400EX. Now we get to the fastest Sport ATV Honda offers, the 2014 TRX450R (TRX450ER). Honda was has won more races and championships with the TRX450R than any other brand on the market, if you want the most reliable Sport ATV on the planet, Honda is the way to! Add that in with Honda of Chattanooga offering the cheapest ATV prices around and it's a win win for you.

Have you checked out the All New 2014 Honda CTX700N? Or how about the Touring version, the 2014 Honda CTX700? If not head over to our online inventory for the 2014 Honda Motorcycles and check out the All New 2014 Honda CTX700N Naked cruiser and the CTX700 Touring model. Our 2014 CTX 700 SALE Prices are lower now than ever here at Honda of Chattanooga. Check out the link below to our Blog to read all of the Reviews on the new CTX700 & CTX700 models along with specs / info / videos and more. Due to Honda's latest Minimum Advertised Price policy we can not advertise our 2014 CTX1300 / CTX1300D Deluxe Sale Price but you can Click "Request a Quote" on the CTX1300E / CTX1300DE models to get our current Special Prices on the CTX 1300 Series.

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Looking for a 250 - 300 cc Scooter? Check out Honda's all new 2014 Forza 300 (NSS300). As usual we discount our Honda Scooters just like the rest of our Honda PowerSports units. Our 2014 Forza Sale Price is too Low to advertise, please "Request a Quote" on the Forza via our Online Inventory to get our Forza sale price.

Check out the all new 2014 Honda Grom / MSX125 that Honda decided to bring over to the US. The "Monkey Bike" scene is huge all over the world with little bikes like this and from the amount of 2014 Grom pre-orders we had for all of our 2014 Groms that we had here at Honda of Chattanooga it looks like it is going to be a huge hit here as well. Check out our 2015 Grom Pre Order SALE here at Honda of Chattanooga to save money and join in on the fun that this bike is going to bring to people of all ages. We had difficulty keeping the 2014 Grom in stock due to us NOT charging freight / prep / setup / destination fee's. When the 2015 Grom 125 arrives in stock, we predict we will have issues with keeping them on the showroom floor just like all of the 2014 Grom 125 models. Contact Kevin today to put your name on our 2015 Grom Pre Order deposit list to lock in the Best Price around as well as getting the first 2015 Honda Grom 125 in stock / for sale in the Chattanooga, TN GA AL area.

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Have you been looking for a new 2014 Honda CB1100? A lot of hype has been around this all new release from Honda that brings back old school styling from the CB750 with new technology making it the best of both worlds packaged in one standard motorcycle. Honda also offers the CB1100 Deluxefor 2014. Honda made some changes on the 2014 CB1100 and like all of our other motorcycles here at Honda of Chattanooga, we have the CB1100 / CB1100 Deluxe models discounted. We do have the 2013 CB1100 in stock as well at Honda of Chattanooga with Special Wholesale Prices on them to sell off our leftover 2013 Motorcycle inventory.

Looking for a dealer that has your new 2013 CBR600RR in stock? You've found the right dealer! We have our leftover 2013 CBR600RR models on Sale here at Honda of Chattanooga to Blow them our because of the 2015 CBR Sport Bike models arriving. If you're looking for a 2014 CBR600RR we can take care of you on those as well with the Best CBR600 Prices around. We also have a few leftover 2012 - 2013 CBR1000RR models on Sale here at Honda of Chattanooga that are heavily discounted. If you want the latest 1000cc Sport Bike from Honda for 2014 we have Special Sale Prices on the 2014 CBR 1000RR to close them out as the 2015 CBR1000RR models are fixing to be in stock. Want the Best Honda SportBike Honda has ever released? Take a look at the Limited Edition 2015 CBR1000RR SP Repsol Edition - Honda is offering this CBR1000RR with Brembo Brakes, Ohlin's suspension front and rear. Honda has also bumped the horsepower up on the 2015 CBR1000RR SP even higher too! Have you checked out Honda's all new 300 cc sport bike, the CBR300R? . We have our 2015 CBR300 SALE Prices too Low that we can't advertise here at Honda of Chattanooga because of Honda's latest Minimum Advertised Price policy. If you want a great deal with an Honest price on your new CBR300R / CBR600RR / CBR1000RR give us a chance here at Honda of Chattanooga.

Have you checked out Honda's all new UTV / Side by Side models for 2015? The 2014 Honda Pioneer 700-4 & 2014 Pioneer 700 were such hot sellers that we could not keep them in stock due to our Pioneer 700 / 700-4 prices. The 2015 Pioneer 700 & 700-4 Release Date is scheduled for January of 2015 and then we will have the 2015 Pioneer 700-4 / 700 in stock here at Honda of Chattanooga. The deposits are already rolling in due to our pricing on them, so contact us today to get in on our pre-order list for the 2014 SXS700M2 / SXS700M4 Pioneer 700's. Are you looking for the 2015 Pioneer 500? It's Honda's all new 500 cc Side by Side / UTV model that is only 50 inches wide so it'll fit through ATV trails. Due to our 2015 Pioneer 500 (SXS500M2) prices we have had a hard time keeping them in stock, contact us today to get your name on one of our 2015 Honda Pioneer models in stock Today!

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If you don’t see what you’re looking for, contact us by phone at 423-855-5055 or via our website by clicking "Request Quote" or submit a "Contact Us" request. We keep a large warehouse stocked full of Honda Powersports models ranging from the dirt, street and to the water! Honda has a wide range of products from the TRX90X, TRX250X, TRX400X, TRX450ER,for all of the Sport ATV fans. Honda also has a huge selection of Utility ATVs like the Honda TRX250TM Recon & TRX250TE Recon ES , TRX420 Rancher , TRX500 Foreman and TRX680 Rincon for the big bore Honda ATV fans.

If 2 wheels is more a long your lines of fun when it comes to playing off-road we keep all of Hondas line of CRF Dirt Bike models in stock at wholesale prices here at Honda of Chattanooga. Honda has a full lineup of Trail Bikes for 2014, even for your little ones with the CRF50 , the All New CRF110 that replaced the CRF70 , then we've got the CRF80 , CRF100 , CRF150 and CRF230 with both having electric start. Honda also just announced the All NEW 2014 CRF125F & 2014 CRF125FB Big Wheel models that will replace the CRF80 & CRF100 for 2014. We also stock Hondas MX Motocross & SX Supercross style bikes like the 2015 CRF150R, 2015 CRF250X, 2015 CRF250R, 2015 CRF450X and 2015 CRF450R with special sale prices on all of them.

If dirt isn't your type of fun and you would rather be on the street crusing the beautiful mountain roads that we have here in the TN / GA / AL / NC / SC area like The Dragon's Tail also known as Deal's Gap, Cherohala Skyway, Blue Ridge Parkway, etc we carry the Honda lineup consisting of the VT1300 models that replaced the VTX1300 and VTX1800. The VT1300 models come in multiple styles to suit what you find appealing like the VT1300 Interstate, Stateline, Sabre and the chopper style motorcycle that has been a huge seller since it was release - the VT1300 Fury. Honda has had the best Touring Motorcycle in the market since its inception - the Honda Gold wing GL1800, if touring is the type of riding you enjoy. Speaking of the Gold Wing, have you seen the all new for 2013 Honda F6B Bagger? Honda took the best parts of the Gold Wing and chopped off a few pieces like the Gold Wing trunk & windshield while adding a custom flavor to the bike and what Honda ended up with was the 2013 F6B. The F6B is also offered in what they call the F6B Deluxe, which offers you some nice additions over the standard F6B. We not only have our 2013 F6B models discounted but we also have our 2014 F6B Deluxe Sale Prices lower than they have ever been! If you want a mixture of touring but like something with some more power Honda has their Sport Touring model - the ST1300. Have you checked out the All New 2014 Honda VFR800 Interceptor? Honda made their V4 800 cc engine ever better for 2014 when they brought the VFR800 back to replace the VFR1200. If you want sport bike power but don't want the uncomfortable seating position of a true super-sport bike, then the 2014 VFR 800 is just what you need. To make it the ultimate Sport Touring bike you can ever throw saddle bags on the 2014 VFR800 and with the Deluxe model you get ABS brakes as well as Traction Control and Heated Hand Grips to make those long trips even more comfortable. If sportbikes are more up your alley Honda has the best sport bike lineup on the market for 2013 and going into 2014 with the newly redesigned 2013 CBR600RR and CBR1000RR. You can also get the famous CBR600RR with ABS and the same goes with the CBR1000RR and having Honda's popular Anti Lock Brakes as an option. We also stock the Honda CBR250R that has been a huge seller since its debut in 2011. The CBR250R has been replaced for 2015 with the CBR300R to compete with the Ninja 300 and Yamaha R3. Check out all of the Reviews & Specs on the 300 Ninja and Yamaha R3 models as well as their prices and you'll see the CBR300 is the unit to buy.

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We have a few New but Leftover 2013 Honda CBR500R, CB500F, CB500X, and CB1100 models that we are BLOWING OUT CHEAP! With our wholesale pricing structure on our Honda Motorcycles we have a hard time keeping these new models in stock. We need to clean our our 2013 Inventory because our 2014 CBR500R / CB500F / CB500X models are In Stock now. Make sure to check out our 2014 CB500X / CB500F / CBR500R Prices too! Lets not forget about the new models that were recently introduced that have been selling great like the Honda NC700X Adventure Motorcycle and the CRF250L Dual Purpose Motorcycle.

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Have you checked out our Pictures and Video of the ALL NEW 2014 Rancher 420 (TRX420) ATV models yet? If you haven't come by and check out the 2014 FourTrax Rancher ATVs, we have them in stock here at Honda of Chattanooga. Our Sale Prices on the 2014 Rancher ATV lineup are too Low to advertise, please browse our website and Request a Quote to get our current promotional pricing. Have you checked out the ALL NEW 2014 Foreman 500 (TRX500)? We now have the 2014 Foreman 500 ATV in stock at Honda of Chattanooga. Honda thankfully kept the prices down on the 2014 FourTrax Foreman models even with all of the new changes on the 2014 Foreman 500 vs 2013 Foreman 500 when you compare them, also when you do the same comparison on the 2014 Rancher 420 vs 2013 Rancher 420 that the price didn't shoot through the roof on either model. Of course our prices will be discounted on the 2014 Rancher 420 & Foreman 500 but with Honda's new Minimum Advertised Price guidelines we can't advertise it online, so please Request a Quote from us for our Sale prices on All Honda ATVs / Four Wheelers.

Give us at Honda of Chattanooga a chance to earn your business on your next Honda Powersports purchase, and we'll show you why our customers keep coming back to us - helping us stay in business as your Chattanooga area Honda Motorcycle / ATV / UTV / Scooter Dealer since 1962.

Are you looking for somewhere to have your Honda Motorcycle, ATV, UTV or Scooter serviced in the Chattanooga area? If so, let us show you why we have one of the best Service Departments in the southeast. Our technicians are certified by Honda at the highest level possible and will take care of your machine like it was their own. Our Parts department offers parts and accessories for your Motorcycle, ATV, UTV, Dirt Bike, Scooter, PWC.

Honda of Chattanooga has been in business for 50 years for a reason, we take care of our customers before and after your purchase. Come see us and let us show you why Honda of Chattanooga is the place to get the best deal on your new Honda. Selling quality Honda products, service, parts, accessories and happiness since 1962.

We have many ways for you to stay up to date with all things happening regarding Honda of Chattanooga and just Honda News in general concerning new 2015 Honda models and also the 2016 Honda Motorcycles that will be releasing before we know it. Release dates for all NEW 2014 & 2015 Honda models, Wholesale Discount Specials, Promotions and more! By checking out the links above to our Facebook Page / Blog / YouTube Channel / Google+ Page / Twitter.

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