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2014 CTX1300 Deluxe Review of Specs / Pictures / Videos (Gray Blue Metallic CTX1300DE)

Honda has (2) different models of the CTX1300 for 2014. You have the standard model and also the Deluxe model like the model pictured above. With the CTX 1300 Deluxe model, you get these added features : Bluetooth Stereo , Traction Control , ABS (Anti Lock Brakes) as well as blacked out treatment on select pieces. We take pride in offering all of the details in the models that you want to see instead of the typical specs that you find on most websites. That is why we take our time and take plenty plenty of pictures as well as walk-around videos too. That way you can do all of your motorcycle shopping from the comfort of your home. Please keep in mind our current CTX1300 Deluxe Sale Price is too Low to Advertise due to Honda's Minimum Advertised Price policy. Click Request a Quote or give us a call and we'll fill you in with all of the current promotions and discounts on the CTX1300 Deluxe here at Honda of Chattanooga. The new 2014 Honda CTX1300 has everything you loved about the ST1300 sports tourer in a new laid back bagger style that will eat the miles with ease. Most importantly, it has the ST1300's magnificent V-four 1261cc engine, tweaked with new pistons, gearing and exhaust to deliver even more epic acceleration, if slightly less total power, than it's forefather.

 CTX1300 For Sale Honda of Chattanooga TN Motorcycles

With detachable hard bodied bags that are big enough to carry supplies for a full weekend of riding, the CTX is an authentic go-anywhere bike, and if you upgrade to the deluxe version, you can really go there in style with ABS, traction control and a Bluetooth sound system to give your tour the soundtrack of your choice. Of course, the CTX 1300 has all the whistles and bells you'd expect from the ‘Technology' part of the CTX label, including monster 200 sized tyres front and back, grippy twin 310mm front discs, 45mm inverted front forks, adjustable twin rear shocks and an aluminium swingarm. And while it's harder to pin down the ‘C' and the ‘X' to a specific feature, just looking at it, you instinctively know that comfort and experience are waiting for you the moment you pull away. As a Honda bagger, it's no Goldwing, but then the price tag and insurance costs are not at Goldwing levels either. However, if you're after comfort, technology and a great rider experience in your touring bike, you'll have to go a long way to find better—and going a long way is what this bike does best.

Honda CTX1300 Engine Overview : The CTX1300 is equipped with a liquid-cooled V4 1261.4-cc engine-the same engine type adopted on the STX1300. For equipping the CTX1300 with this engine, the development team has successfully improved torque in the low- to mid-speed ranges in order to achieve engine characteristics for even better ease of handling on city streets. To bring satisfaction to customers seeking higher quality, original engine settings worthy of the CTX1300 are offered to produce that distinctive V4 throbbing feel. The exhaust system is composed of twin exhaust pipes, one pair each coming out side-by-side from the engine's right and left cylinders with an extended mid-section in the front pipe. This design optimizes the exhaust sound from each cylinder, creating that distinctive V4 exhaust with its enchanting, throbbing feel.

 CTX1300 For Sale Honda of Chattanooga TN Motorcycles  CTX1300 For Sale Honda of Chattanooga TN Motorcycles

The exhaust is efficiently purified, and the CTX1300's environmental performance meets the Euro 3 emission standards. A shaft drive system is used to ensure smooth starting and acceleration. From getting around on city streets to long-distance cruising, riding with ample torque and power is always ensured. The low engine speed settings, including the torque in the low- to mid-speed ranges and the optimized final drive ratio, ensure more pleasant cruising.

CTX1300 Engine Details : The following characteristics highlight the engine's strong presence. - A liquid-cooled, longitudinal V4 1261.4-cc DOHC engine inheriting the best of the STX1300 engine, including a 90 degree included angle for the cylinder and bore-stroke settings of 78.9 by 66.0 mm. - A biaxial secondary balancer that minimizes unpleasant vibrations, achieving comfortable riding with little fatigue even when traveling a long distance. - Valve timing improvements together with air intake and exhaust settings optimized for the low- and mid-speed ranges achieve better combustion efficiency. - An altered compression ratio that allows the use of regular gasoline. - The exhaust system is composed of twin exhaust pipes, one pair each coming out side-by-side from the engine's right and left cylinders with an extended mid-section in the front pipe. This design optimizes the exhaust sound from each cylinder, creating that distinctive V4 exhaust with its enchanting, throbbing feel. - The exhaust is efficiently purified, and the CTX1300's environmental performance meets the Euro 3 emission standards. - A shaft drive system is used to ensure smooth starting and acceleration. From getting around on city streets to long-distance cruising, riding with ample torque and power is always ensured. - The low engine speed settings, including the torque in the low- to mid-speed ranges and the optimized final drive ratio, ensure more pleasant cruising.

CTX1300 Deluxe Traction Control : The TCS provides assistance functions to the CTX1300 rider to enable riding with a greater sense of security. The system suppresses any rear wheel spin that could occur when starting or during a ride, thus mitigating concerns about potential wheel spin when operating the throttle. The system offers a reassuring ride when starting, accelerating or riding particularly on wet slippery roads or on unpaved roads. The TCS transmits signaling information from the wheel speed sensor to the ECU via the ABS modulator. The ECU then calculates the slip ratio and determines the injection thinning patterns of the PGM-FI in order to control the drive wheel rotation. This activates the following mechanism: Engine torque is controlled to restrain any excessive slip or changes in vehicle behavior. The indicator flashes to inform the rider of any excessive driving force. The TCS switch is located on the top of the left handlebar and can be turned off as conditions warrant.  CTX1300 For Sale Honda of Chattanooga TN Motorcycles

CTX1300 Chassis : Capitalizing in every way possible on the benefits of the low seat height and low center of gravity, the CTX1300 dimensions are designed for both ease of use on city streets and the dependable handling that prevents rider fatigue even on long-distance touring. To achieve this, the development team paid thorough attention starting in the design stage to the positioning of heavier components such as the engine, the intake and exhaust systems, and the cooling system. This resulted in the low center of gravity characteristic of a CTX series model and a front/rear weight distribution of 48:52, virtually equivalent to that of a sporty motorcycle. The CTX1300 was designed with a caster angle of 28.9° and a long wheelbase of 1645 mm, and the resulting superb vehicle body stability and responsive handling help ensure ease of use and maneuverability with a sense of security.

CTX1300 Frame Overview : The basic frame of the CTX1300 is an orthodox double cradle frame, with a newly designed framework used for achieving both the fun of maneuvering and excellent stability in cruising. This distinctive, longitudinal V4 engine, enjoying an established reputation from its adoption on the STX1300 are surrounded by the main pipes made of steel. These pipes have an unusually thick diameter of 38.1 mm, ensuring excellent rigidity for tandem riding and when loaded with cargo for touring. Despite the placement of a 19-liter fuel tank under the seat, the CTX1300 achieves a low seat height of 740 mm to provide good ground reach with a sense of security. As a feature unique to the CTX1300, a traction beam that effectively transmits the engine's inertial force to the rear tire is set independently of the main frame, to bring out the most in the delightful throbbing feel of a V4. This setup is very effective in enhancing the fun of operating the CTX1300, on top of its excellent controllability and stability. The frame was subjected to exhaustive CAE analysis in order to create a framework that ensures uniform pliability and symmetric deformation. By placing the topmost priority on effective feedback from the road surface to the rider, the development team has come up with a new-generation double cradle frame worthy of the Comfort Technology Experience concept.

 CTX1300 For Sale Honda of Chattanooga TN Motorcycles

CTX1300 Riding Position : For the riding position, a relatively high degree of freedom is incorporated into the design so that as many customers as possible can ride in their most suitable position regardless of body size or shape. Compared to conventional cruiser models, the handlebar shape of the CTX1300 provides more room around the arms and knees to ensure a pleasant ride. With optimized hardness and shape, the seat ensures excellent ride comfort even over long distances. Good ground reach is secured through a seat height of 740 mm, while the shaping of the seat and area around the step allow the rider to freely extend their feet forward. Securing ample comfort space and freedom for movement, the passenger seat has a functional shape that lets the passenger enjoy riding in comfort and ease, even over long distances. The optimized positions of the engine and the exhaust pipe achieve a cruiser's step position that allows the rider to extend their feet forward, ensuring a relaxed and comfortable riding position. The CTX1300 lets the rider and passenger enjoy a pleasant ride in comfort in a wide variety of situations, including riding on congested city streets and long-distance highway touring outside the city.

 CTX1300 For Sale Honda of Chattanooga TN Motorcycles

CTX1300 Front Suspension : The front suspension uses a telescopic inverted fork design employing an inner tube diameter of 43 mm. The effective stroke of 120 mm and use of a cartridge damper structure that independently controls the damping forces on the compression and tension sides achieve a refined ride along with handling that enables the rider to follow a line path exactly as intended.

CTX1300 Rear Suspension : The rear suspension is a conventional double suspension for ensuring both a low seat height and under seat placement of the fuel tank. The design, which combines a damper body capable of separately controlling the damping forces on the compression and tension sides with new suspension oil selected exclusively for the CTX1300, successfully realizes a high-quality damper feel and responsiveness. The rear swing aluminum arm has a one-piece structure created by gravity die casting (GDC). It underwent the same exhaustive CAE analysis that was conducted for the frame to ensure uniform pliability and excellent rigidity for tandem riding and traveling with cargo. In combination with the rear suspension, the rear swing arm achieves excellent road- holding feel and rider feedback in combination with the rear suspension.

CTX1300 Brakes : As standard equipment for securing optimal braking power matching the vehicle characteristics, the CTX1300 comes with double-disc front brakes having a large 310-mm diameter and 3-piston calipers, and combined disc rear brakes having a large 316-mm diameter and 3-piston calipers. The sintered brake pad realizes a dependable braking system for riding on city streets and long-distance touring alike. In response to customer requests, a model type with an anti-lock brake system (ABS) is also available and standard on the Deluxe model.

CTX1300 Wheels & Tires : Tire sizes of 130/70/18 for the front and 200/50/17 for the rear provide the dependable handling and stability demanded by the CTX1300. Matching these tires are new aluminum cast wheels redesigned from the bottom up. The new 10-spoke design for the front and rear wheels helps attain the consistent road-holding feel of the CTX1300 through the outstanding dynamic balance specific to a many-spoked wheel.

CTX1300 Styling : As a high-grade model in the CTX concept series pointing the way for the Honda-original design, the CTX1300 expressly incorporates its identifying features into designs that people will instantly recognize as a Honda motorcycle. The CTX design embodies a cutting-edge styling expression full of the distinctive originality of a Honda. The "simple yet powerful contour" and the "configuration of functionally independent components" form the basis of the styling design themes. While focusing on the perspective as a cruiser model, the design aims to give expression to the attractive qualities inherent in a motorcycle with an overall sense of refined modernity. As common elements of all CTX models, the body shape featuring a stout horizontal motive design, the forward glare of the front face, and the "front- massive form" posing a side view that conveys the impression of a dense mass pressing forward, all come together to create the design identity of the CTX1300. The customer's measure of value in a cruiser model has recently evolved from a focus on long-distance traveling to a model giving fuller expression to individuality and offering a sense of inner fulfillment. With the dual aim of giving the rider more reasons to be proud of riding a Honda and infusing the refreshing design of the CTX1300 with the rich spirit and sense of pride worthy of this model, Honda sets out to blaze the trail to a whole new market. While the unique engine layout and the "front-massive" form characterize the styling of the CTX1300, its large cowls and the resulting comfort of wind protection ensure the fun of pleasant touring. The tank shelter formed as an integrated part of the cowls with short screens highlights the front-massive form. Together with the low seats featuring a horizontal motive design, external parts emitting a functional appearance, and an engine featuring a mechanical look, the exhaust pipe with beautifully flowing curved lines and the thick, short mufflers designed at a low position combine to characterize the modern and emotive styling of the CTX1300. The three-dimensional "Honda wing" emblem symbolizing the Honda brand is placed on the rib of the air outlet extending from the side of the front cowl, as a common product mark imprinted on all of Honda's high-grade models. Emblazoned on the radiator shroud is the three-dimensional CTX logo letting the world know that this is a high-grade CTX brand model. Front Fairing / Cowl Design For the front face of CTX1300, the unique cowl design conveying the impression of a dense mass yields a powerful look for the whole front area while also providing excellent wind protection. The front cowl design, composed of simple contours whose taut strands can be visually felt, features the short screens and wide form inherited from the Gold Wing F6B. Featuring the first LED headlight for a Honda motorcycle, the design gives expression to the model's refined, modern taste yet with a more intense forward glare of the front face. The integrated mirrors jutting out to the right and left are equipped with functional LED turn signals emitting a modern look, while actively incorporating a design with superb air control. The front cowl seamlessly integrated with the tank shelter forms the distinctive styling of a CTX model. Rear View Design The rear cowl design with built-in LED combination taillight composes a powerful and modern contour. The design choice to shape the rear area in a low position accentuates the overall composition of the powerful front-massive form. The refined, modern taste of the CTX 1300 is further highlighted by a pannier case design that aligns with the horizontal motive styling while combining with the low, short but stout muffler to draw attention to the rear tire holding the ground. Gauges Design The CTX1300 features an instrument panel design with renowned user-friendliness, consisting of an inner panel whose highly visible, built-in dual meters give off a luxurious feel and a mono-TFT LCD panel that concentrates data in the central area to give the rider accurate information just when they need it. To make the model even more user friendly, audio speakers are placed to the right and left of the meters with audio control buttons concentrated in an easy-to-see way along the character line extending from the inner panel toward the upper surface of the tank shelter.

CTX1300 Concept : The development team did not merely extend conventional thinking on cruiser models; rather, it aimed to create a new-generation cruiser fitting the demands of the times. This led to presentation of the Comfort Technology Experience concept for the CTX series. Continuing to build on the concept, Honda launched the CTX1300 in response to customer demands for superior quality, as the upscale model in the CTX series. Developed under the themes of Comfort Technology Experience and Honda's original horizontal motive design, the CTX1300 harmoniously combines the following elements at a high level: good ground reach due to the low seat height, dependable and responsive handling and stability, and a powerful and unique styling. The model ensures ample space for rider and passenger, while the pannier cases installed as standard equipment provide even greater utility. The CTX1300 fulfills customer demands for a motorcycle with ease of use and utility for moving about on city streets in daily life, and one that also lets the rider enjoy touring outside the city. Veteran riders who have enjoyed hobby riding on various motorcycle models over the years and riders now thinking of upgrading their motorcycle will both feel the full joy of Comfort Technology Experience focused on the essentials for achieving ease of use and utility for moving about in daily life. These features taken together with the high-grade bodywork, give the concept the opportunity to captivate and give each rider immense satisfaction. The development team's passion was forged into the unique styling design backed by the superior functions and technologies of the CTX1300: dependable responsive handling, original V4 engine sounds, a relaxed riding position, and super-controllable riding taste.

2014 Honda CTX1300 Deluxe Colors : Candy Red , Metallic Black , Gray Blue Metallic