2017 Honda Pioneer 1000 EPS

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When it comes to finding new, innovative ways to solve problems, Honda has always risen to the challenge. Take our family of Pioneer 1000s. These great side-by-sides got it right the first time in terms of comfort, handling, hauling, and user-friendly features, but we’ve taken the opportunity to make them even better this year. By applying a hefty dose of Honda technology, we’re giving you what we think is the best side-by-side out there—the new Pioneer 1000 Limited Edition. What makes it so special? First, the combination of Honda’s exclusive automatic Dual-Clutch Transmission (DCT), combined with our revolutionary I-4WD technology. Then we’ve added FOX QS-3 shock absorbers, and have enhanced the Pioneer 1000’s comfort and protection features.

Did you know that there are (6) different Honda Pioneer 1000 models for 2017?

  • You have (3) different versions of the Pioneer 1000 which are the 3-seater models.
  • You have (3) different versions of the Pioneer 1000-5 which are the 5-seater models that offer convertible seating so you can change from 3-4-5 seats while still having a full-size dump bed when you need it.

What are the (6) different Pioneer 1000 models? Here are your options:

  • Pioneer 1000 (3-seater)
  • Pioneer 1000 EPS (3-seater)
  • Pioneer 1000 LE / Limited Edition (3-seater)
  • Pioneer 1000-5 (5-seater)
  • Pioneer 1000-5 Deluxe (5-seater)
  • Pioneer 1000-5 LE / Limited Edition (5-seater)